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MCEX provides you an intuitive and real-time interface where you can check order books, trade history a quick and straightforward order process without forgetting the charting tools.

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MCEX Developer Experience

Open the door for the automated trading with our WebSocket feed by accessing to real-time market data when you develop secure and tactical trading bots.

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Miami Exchange Security
Trust and Security

We regularly audit our entire financial and IT infrastructure with most high-security standards, We kept our cold wallets in secure locations where the 95% of customer's digital assets stored.

Miami Exchange Support
Fanatical Customer Support

Our customer support representatives are always waiting for your questions and requirements, and we have built this to provide you a channel to get answers about MCEX.

Miami Exchange Backed
Backed up by the Biggest

One of our investment firms is Merging Traffic and with them, lots of investors backing up our operations.

Miami Exchange Fees
Affordable Fees

MCEX offers affordable fees for traders, starting from 0.1% and volume-based discounts for maker and taker trades. here.

Token Listing
As part of the full listing review, a token must successfully complete a compliance review before it can be listed on the Exchange. Our compliance review typically requires the applicant to provide a legal memorandum or opinion from its U.S.-qualified outside counsel or an acceptable substitute.
The memo or opinion should present the factual and legal basis for its conclusion that (a) the Candidate Token is not a security under applicable securities laws, and (b) that trades of the Candidate Tokens would not be subject to regulation under any applicable laws applicable to trading of commodities.
APPLY TO LIST Review our non-security listing Framework
to determine elibility
Token Listing
Miami Crypto Exchange (MCEX) is plans to be trading platform for security tokens. This framework is designed to provide insight into how we evaluate security tokens for listing on the MCEX platform. It is not an endorsement of any specific security or asset.
We reserve full and absolute discretion to list, not list, or de-list any Security Token for trading on MCEX regardless of how the criteria in this framework may apply to the Token. We expect this framework and document to evolve over time.
APPLY TO LIST Review our Security Listing Framework
to determine elibility
Miami Crypto Exchange